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The main reason to choose heirloom tomato varieties is the flavour. There’s no one taste; you’ll find a wide range of flavours in the heirloom-tomato world. But many of these varieties are prized for having an old-time taste—they’re a far cry from tomatoes at the grocery store, or even from many modern hybrids like ‘Better Boy’ or ‘Early Girl.

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Heirloom Tomato Basics

What is an heirloom tomato? Many gardeners have heard the term but don’t really know what it means. Happily, it’s an easy definition: a variety that has been passed down from gardener to gardener. Unlike modern hybrid varieties, heirloom tomatoes come true from seed, making them easy to share.

The seeds are what make an heirloom tomato an heirloom tomato. They are passed down from season to season, taken by the farmers from the tomato plants that produced the best fruit. … Heirloom tomatoes are also often open-pollinated, which means that they are pollinated naturally, by birds, insects, wind, or human hands.