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Strawberries (1KG)

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1 KG of Strawberries


This strawberry is straight coming from Spain, it is sized from medium to large, it is elongated and look like a heart in shape. The bright red colour makes the cone berries very attractive. The fruit is very demanded and appreciated for its sweetness, bright red colour, characteristic aroma and juicy texture. It is widely consumed in big quantities, either fresh or in prepared foods.

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Health Benefits of Strawberry

  • Eye Care: The primary reasons for almost all the problems of eyes are free radicals and deficiency of certain nutrients. With the growing age and lack of these protective nutrients, the harmful oxidants or free radicals cast heavy damage on our eyes, such as drying up of eyes, degeneration of optical nerves, Macular degeneration, vision defects and make them prone to infections too. The antioxidants such as vitamin-C, Flavonoids, Phenolic Phytochemicals and Ellagic Acid, present in strawberries can help avoid this situation to a great extent. One more factor is ocular pressure, i.e. the pressure of the eyes. Any disturbance in it is also harmful to the eyes. Here too, strawberries are helpful as they contain potassium, which helps maintain the right pressure.
  • Arthritis and Gout: The degeneration of muscles and tissues, drying up of the fluid which helps the mobility of the joints and accumulation of toxic substances and acids (such as uric acid) in the body are some of the ill effects of free radicals present in our body, which are primarily responsible for Arthritis and Gout. Strawberries, with their team of antioxidants and detoxifiers, can effectively help push away such health hazards forever. It is a famous saying in India that a serving of any fruit a day will remove the rust from the joints. It is very true for strawberries.
  • Cancer: Vitamin-C, Folate and Anthocyanin, Quercetin and Kaempferol (a few of the many Flavonoids in strawberries that possess excellent antioxidant and anti-carcinogenic properties) together form an excellent team to fight cancer and tumour. A daily intake of strawberries is seen to have remarkably brought down the growth of cancerous cells.
  • Brain Function: It is a very common observation that old people tend to lose their memory and control over their activities, limbs etc. This is because of the ageing of their brain and the nervous system. Actually, the free radicals, the agents very much responsible for ageing, have a very adverse effect on these systems. Due to them, the brain tissues start degenerating and the nerves get weaker. Strawberries can help you out. The vitamin-C and the phytochemicals in them neutralize the effect of these oxidants and also rejuvenate the system. One more thing, strawberries are rich in iodine too, which is very helpful for the proper functioning of the brain and nervous system.
  • High Blood Pressure: Strawberries are very good in potassium and magnesium content, both of which are very effective in lowering high blood pressure caused by sodium.
  • Heart Diseases: High fibre, Folate, no fats and high antioxidants such as vitamin-C and those phytochemicals (Flavonoids) together form an ideal cardiac health pack, as they effectively reduce cholesterol. Some of the members of the vitamin-B family present in strawberries also strengthen the cardiac muscles and help better the functioning of the heart.
  • Other Benefits: Folate is known to protect from birth-defects. Vitamin-C effectively prevents infections and cold. The phytonutrients also have anti-inflammatory properties. Wait! I forgot to tell you about the best benefit. The strawberry preserve tastes just awesome.