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Cyprus has long been revered for the quality of its potato crop.

Grown in mineral rich, red alluvial soil under bright blue skies and drenched in sunshine,

Cypriot Potatoes have a distinctive red toned skin, soft yellow flesh and delicious creamy but earthy taste.

They are hand harvested on the family-run farms in Cyprus to ensure each potato is blemish free and of the highest quality.

Freshly dug every day, Cypriot Potatoes are truly ‘new’ potatoes which are not stored but shipped straight to the UK so they also have a low carbon footprint. 

Most importantly Cypriot Potatoes certainly do not disappoint on taste – with a rich, creamy, earthy flavour and perfectly firm texture they are extremely versatile.

 From fresh potato salads and crispy potatoes with a spicy tomato sauce to simply served with a handful of fresh mint and knob of butter, their quality will ensure they are the star of any dish.