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Extra Sweet Large sized*

Leon says about the tasty new melon: “A limited-edition, this unique melon is ideal on its own, in a fruit salad or with ice cream and has a flavour profile which is aromatic and as the name would suggest – sweet like candy.

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There is great depth in our new melon seed portfolio allowing growers, marketers and retailers an opportunity to differentiate themselves in the market with something new.

“Flavour has absolutely been missing and we now have several varieties that will take consumers back to the good old days of how melons used to taste. Flavour Journey, our white-skin green-flesh honeydew, for example, is an absolute winner on the taste front,” Hoodless says.

Currently, there is excitement around a variety marketed as Orange Candy, which is available in selected stores. The variety features smooth, yellow skin and scented orange flesh. Its smooth skin has added health and safety benefits, reducing the risk of listeria contamination during processing.

“Orange Candy is a real game-changer,” says Hoodless. “It could be a substitute for rockmelons. … I was at Leon’s recently and the greengrocer was raving about how good the variety is. He didn’t know who I was which was a great endorsement,” he adds.

The Orange Candy variety is currently grown exclusively by Rapisarda Melons.