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These sticky-sweet dates are a type of renowned Medjool dates. They have a wonderfully smooth texture and sweet flesh, dripping with honeyed juice. They are incredibly soft, succulent and wonderfully sweet.

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The Bonbon dates are famous for this juiciness and for their large sine. Not only does it taste delicious, but this fruit is highly nutritious and embraced by athletes and those with a sweet tooth.

The quality of the Medjool date  is defined by the  percentage of the date’s skin separation, The higher the class, the lower is the skin separation percentage.


    • Calories: 283/cals


    • Protein: 1.6/gr


    • Carbonhydrates: 68/gr


    • Fat: 0.4/gr


    • Cholesterol: 0/gr


    • Sodium: 4/mg


  • Potassium: 609/mg