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Figs (Dried Packet)


250gm Gluten Free

Packed with health-giving fibre and antioxidants.  You can find up to 3.5 times more fibre, vitamins and minerals in dried fruit as opposed to fresh.

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Is Dried Fruit Good for You?

A popular snack for many, and used in many recipes, but what is it, and is dried fruit good for you?

Dried fruit is simply fruit that has had most of its water contents removed.

While the fruit is drying it shrinks and leaves an energy-dense fruit that can be preserved for much longer than fresh.

Dried fruit not only tastes great, but it is also highly nutritious, and a convenient handy snack that is perfect for lunchboxes and on the go.

The most popular types of dried fruit include raisins and sultanas (dried grapes), apricots, dates, prunes (dried plums), and figs.

Let’s look at each in turn, and explore dry fruits benefits, dried fruit calories, and see if we can answer is dried fruit healthy?