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What does curuba taste like?
The curuba has a really wonderful aroma and is quite sour when you taste it. Some say it tastes like a hybrid of passion fruit and peaches! We here at Leon’s recommend adding a little cane sugar or honey to bring out the full flavour. They’re a great source of Vitamins A, B, and C, as well as calcium and iron.
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Product description

A member of the passion fruit family, the curuba looks somewhat like a straight, small banana with rounded ends, hence the nickname ‘banana passion fruit’. It’s yellow to green once ripe and has an orange pulp with black seeds which is often enjoyed with a little sugar.

The curuba is used to flavour meringues, cakes, fruit sauces and gelatin desserts such as ‘esponjada de curuba’. Another popular treat in Colombia is curuba ice cream. Because of curuba’s high pectin content, it is also used to make fruit preserves. It can be used in fruit salads, crepes, yoghurt; in fact, anywhere that passion fruit is used.

Like passion fruit, curuba is a good source of fibre, gained primarily from the seeds. The fruit is also high in phosphorous, niacin, calcium, iron and sodium. Curuba is high in vitamin C and contains vitamin A too.