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Kiwi Fruits
Large 25p Each
Costa Rican Bananas
69p LB
Apples Royal Gala
£1.25p LB
Apples Granny Smiths
£1.25p per LB
Apples Braeburn
£1.25p Per LB
Apples Golden Delicious
£1.25p Per LB
Apples American Red Delicious
£1.25p Per LB
Apples Pink Lady
£1.49p Per LB
Pears (William)
£1.50p Per LB
Papaya (Paw-Paw)
£1.85p Per LB
Honeydew Melons
£2.99p Each
£1.99 Each
Belgian Strawberries
Belgian £2.99p
Large Galia Melons
£2.50p Each
Cantaloupe Melon
£2.99p Each
Dates (Madjoul) <£6.99p per LB>
Extra Large Madjoul Dates
Passion Fruits
50p Each
Seedless Grapes White
£2.25p Per LB
Seedless Grapes Red
£2.25p Per LB
Small Orange
40p Each
75p Each
£1.50p Per Punnet
Mangoes (Alphonso)
£9.99p Per Box (6)
Avocadoes (Large)
£1.50p Each
40p Each
Mangoes <£2.50each>
By Air Mangoes
£2.50p Per Punnet
Redcurrant <£2.50 Each>
Pineapples <£2.99 each>(Large)
Extra Large Extra Sweet Pineapples
£1.99p Per Punnet
£1.99 Per Punnet
Apples Bramley
89p Per LB
Plums (red)
£1.50p LB
Leafy Clementines (Seedless)
£1.25p Per LB
Pears (conference)
£1.50p Per LB
Sweet Tamarind <£1.99 Each>
Sweet Tamarind  
Sharon Fruits (60p Each)
Large 60p Each
Sweet Spanish Figs
75p Each
Extra Large £1.99p Each
50p Each
Oranges (large)
75p Each
Avocadoes (Hass)
£1.50p Each
Nadorcott <£1.50p LB>
Very sweet and seedless Nadorcott. Full of juice with a lovely flavour
£2.99p Each
Pears (Forrell) <£1.50p per LB>
Forrell Pears (Red Blush)
£1.50p Each
Dates Madjoul<£4 punnet>
  Health Benefits of Date Description A date fruit is the product of a date palm, a tree native to Northern Africa and the Middle East, although it is also cultivated in other parts of the world. In addition to being eaten fresh, the date fruit is dried and eaten whole as a snack or...[more]
Del Sapo Melon
£3.99p Each (Very Large)
French Apricots
£2.99p LB
Greek Watermelon
99p per KG
£2.50p Per LB

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WATFORD SHOP: Leon's Fruit Shop, 43 Langley Way, Watford, Hertfordshire, WD17 3EA - Telephone: 01923 249 799

All prices are inclusive of VAT. As you can know, fruit is not manufactured and it always varies in size and weight, so thefore we cannot make exact bills or get the weights you require spot on, so to make it easy for everyone concerned we would ask you to place your order and then we can make the order and either phone you with a total or just send an itemised invoice that you can pay for when the fruit is delivered or at a time that is convenient for you.
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