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Leeks (New Season)
£1 Per LB
Potatoes (Baking)
(Esteema) 69p Per LB
£1.50p Per LB
89p Per LB
Onions (Red)
69p Per LB
(Zucchini) £1.50p Per LB
Cauliflower (New Season)
£1.50p Each
39p Per LB
Fresh Flat Leaf Parsley
89p Per Bunch
Fresh Mint
89p Per Bunch
Fresh Dill
89p Per Bunch
Fresh Coriander
89p Per Bunch
Spring Onion
69p Per Bunch
Salad Cress
25p Per Punnet
£1.50p Per LB
Potatoes Loose
59p Per LB
Cherry Tomatoes
£1.99p Per Punnet
£1 Bunch
Lettuce (Iceberg) Large
£1.25p Each
Onions (Cooking)
45p Per LB
Butter Nut Squash (Large)
£1.50p Each
Beetroot (Raw)
69p Per LBt
Spinach (Baby Leaf)
£1.50p Bag
Mix salad
£1.50 per bag
69p Per Bag
£3.99p Per Bunch
£1.99p Per Punnet
£1.99 Per Punnet
Wild Rocket
£1.50p Punnet
Apples Bramley
89p Per LB
Cabbage Green
£1.50p Each
Lettuce Cos (Large)
£1.25p Each
Potatoes (baby new)
75p Per LB
Tomatoes (Heritage) Loose
£2.99p Per LB
Beetroot Raw
69p per lb
Lettuce (Little Gems) Twin Pack
£1.00 per packet
Red Onions
69p per lb
Beetroot Cooked (Long Life)
69p packet
89p Per LB
69p per lb

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GOLDERS GREEN SHOP: Leon's Fruit Shop, 5 Russell Parade, Golders Green Road, London NW11 8NL - Telephone: 020 8455 3330
WATFORD SHOP: Leon's Fruit Shop, 43 Langley Way, Watford, Hertfordshire, WD17 3EA - Telephone: 01923 249 799

All prices are inclusive of VAT. As you can know, fruit is not manufactured and it always varies in size and weight, so thefore we cannot make exact bills or get the weights you require spot on, so to make it easy for everyone concerned we would ask you to place your order and then we can make the order and either phone you with a total or just send an itemised invoice that you can pay for when the fruit is delivered or at a time that is convenient for you.
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